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Friction-Free Review!

I thought I’d kick off my first post with a review I’ve been planning on doing for quite a while. I also want to take a moment to mention that I purchased this item/subscription and was not given it for free to review by the company.

So I think this is a relatively new concept, it’s certainly not one I’ve seen before. It is a razor subscription box! Firstly, I want to talk about subscribing, I first saw this product advertised on Facebook, I was intrigued and they had a special deal on for money off on the first month – I can’t remember the deal exactly but it must have been decent – anyway I decided to give it a go. The website was almost too easy to use! I kept wondering whether I was missing something because the website was just so simple. When I signed up they had 3 razors on offer, they have recently changed the previous 3 to a new 3, however, the razor I chose was the best at the time and is still on offer. It is a 5 blade head and £7 per month, while I had the deal I decided this was the best to go with as the FAQ’s did also state you could downgrade at any time.

The first box arrived quickly and looked like this;20161007_122217

I love this box, it’s small enough to fit through the post box, it’s cute and has a funny shaving-related parody of Craig David’s Seven Days on it! the first box came with the razor itself and 4 razor heads, for subsequent months I just received the razor heads.

Now on to the actual razor itself, they provide enough heads for you to change it once a week, allowing constant smooth shaving. Personally I found that when it came to changing the head I didn’t really need to as I can’t shave my legs too often without coming out in rashes due to very sensitive skin, so I opted to change it every other week, which did also mean I saved a little money by only getting the subscription every other month which the website also allows you to do by logging in and ‘postponing’ for a month.20161007_122229

I got the ‘Samantha’, a rose gold, 5 blade razor. It was a little heavier than I had expected, but after reading many reviews I had to agree with what they all said – best shave I ever had! My legs were so smooth! I was a little surprised however when I discovered just how sharp those razor blades are, the first shave I didn’t use any shaving cream – this was my own fault really as I had previously bought women’s razors with built-in shaving cream strips so I generally didn’t use shaving cream before then. After my initial traumatic experience, I realised my mistake and went out and bought some, at which time me and ‘Samantha’ found our compatibility!


I genuinely think I wouldn’t look back now! Since I began subscribing Friction-Free has also brought out their own shaving cream, I haven’t tried this yet as I personally find it a little pricey for me at £6 a month, but if you subscribe and get the cream be sure to let me know what it’s like!

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Hello, Sunshine!

Seeing as this is the first post to a new blog, I thought I’d do something I’ve never done before – say hello! My previous blog (which uses a different blogging platform and is used for other purposes) I decided I wanted to remain anonymous, so I have never had to introduce myself before now.

I’ll keep it short and sweet. My name is Sarah however, the blog name is Sally Cinnamon as this is what my significant other calls me (thanks to the Stone Roses and my liking of the spice). I’m a 21-year-old university student and I enjoy writing – which I will now point out here was also the purpose of my previous blog however it was my actual articles and personal writing which is why I wanted to keep it anonymous.

I’ve decided to start a new blog with a new purpose, this one is to focus more on just general every day (hence the ‘day in the life’ tagline), I plan to look at everything from travel to what razors work best, all with a touch of comedy and a hint of seriousness.

I really hope you enjoy what I write and I’d love to hear from you!

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