I thought I’d kick off my first post with a review I’ve been planning on doing for quite a while. I also want to take a moment to mention that I purchased this item/subscription and was not given it for free to review by the company.

So I think this is a relatively new concept, it’s certainly not one I’ve seen before. It is a razor subscription box! Firstly, I want to talk about subscribing, I first saw this product advertised on Facebook, I was intrigued and they had a special deal on for money off on the first month – I can’t remember the deal exactly but it must have been decent – anyway I decided to give it a go. The website was almost too easy to use! I kept wondering whether I was missing something because the website was just so simple. When I signed up they had 3 razors on offer, they have recently changed the previous 3 to a new 3, however, the razor I chose was the best at the time and is still on offer. It is a 5 blade head and £7 per month, while I had the deal I decided this was the best to go with as the FAQ’s did also state you could downgrade at any time.

The first box arrived quickly and looked like this;20161007_122217

I love this box, it’s small enough to fit through the post box, it’s cute and has a funny shaving-related parody of Craig David’s Seven Days on it! the first box came with the razor itself and 4 razor heads, for subsequent months I just received the razor heads.

Now on to the actual razor itself, they provide enough heads for you to change it once a week, allowing constant smooth shaving. Personally I found that when it came to changing the head I didn’t really need to as I can’t shave my legs too often without coming out in rashes due to very sensitive skin, so I opted to change it every other week, which did also mean I saved a little money by only getting the subscription every other month which the website also allows you to do by logging in and ‘postponing’ for a month.20161007_122229

I got the ‘Samantha’, a rose gold, 5 blade razor. It was a little heavier than I had expected, but after reading many reviews I had to agree with what they all said – best shave I ever had! My legs were so smooth! I was a little surprised however when I discovered just how sharp those razor blades are, the first shave I didn’t use any shaving cream – this was my own fault really as I had previously bought women’s razors with built-in shaving cream strips so I generally didn’t use shaving cream before then. After my initial traumatic experience, I realised my mistake and went out and bought some, at which time me and ‘Samantha’ found our compatibility!


I genuinely think I wouldn’t look back now! Since I began subscribing Friction-Free has also brought out their own shaving cream, I haven’t tried this yet as I personally find it a little pricey for me at £6 a month, but if you subscribe and get the cream be sure to let me know what it’s like!

Sally Cinnamon